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How we started Zancona Coffee

The name ‘Zancona’ originates from the Zancona area of the Panamanian province of Coclé to the North west of Panama City.


How we started Zancona Coffee is a story of serendipity …


Our founding partners, John and Glynn, were introduced to Damian, a fellow Canadian who was working with coffee farmers in Panama to teach them how to improve farming practices and increase yields.


John and Glynn were inspired by Damian’s vision, shared his love of coffee and  they wanted to work with a project that would ultimately return something good to the local community.


They invested in new equipment:  drying beds, a roaster and donkeys but the coffee production was thwarted by steep mountain trails, difficult growing conditions, lack of accessibility and poor weather conditions. 


None of this was favorable for producing quality coffee that could meet with the very high standards needed for international export.


They took a decision to move the business operations to Boquete.


Meantime, the coffee project in Zancona continues production.  The coffee is roasted, packaged, sold locally and brings back an income to the local community.


There is hope that maybe at some time in the future, it will be possible to produce coffee of a high enough quality for export.  This labor of love continues ….

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